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sorry... (part 1)

rain -17 °C


" ei..naghihinala na ung gf ko. sino dw ung lagi kng ka-txt. "

" oh? so what did you tell her? "

" nothin.. "

" ah ok..so what are you trying to say? "

" i neither confirmed nor denied "

" meaning? "

" we just met like a week ago. nothing happend... "

" ah ok.. "

" sorry... "

" sorry for what? "

" sorry for the assumptions.. "

" ano kb! anong assumptions pinagsasabi mo? hehehehe "

But deep inside, i felt like crying. I don't wanna be a hypocrite when it comes to this but the truth is that it hurts. I met this guy from a common friend named KK. At that time, my relationship with my boyfriend is on the rocks. Anyways, KK came up to me and said..

" Futah friend lika dito bilis! may papakilala ako sayo. Supervisor ko sya sa dati kong work sa ACS. Crush ko to! Hot toh. May junakis na din sya and may bowakels pero, not in good terms sila ngayon. "

" Oh? talaga? cge ba! "

" Bigay ko sayo number nya ha! ka-chat ko saya ngyon "

" Sure! hehehehe "

After that fatefull day, i received a text.

" Hi! would it be alright if i txt you? Karla gave me your number. Btw, im D "

" Ei! nga pla, im Aisha. I'll text you later coz mejo busy ako "

" Ayt! "

To make it short, we texted. Hi, hellos. The works.

Heto na, i received a text saying..

" Ei, Can we meet up? Out na ko ng 1:30pm "

" Uhmm, I'll be out by 6pm pa. "

" Ok lang. I can wait for you "

" Hmmm...Ok sure! Where? "

" G4, mcdo "

" Ayt! "

" I'll be wearing a green shirt with a black sling bag "

" Gotcha "

After my shift, with 2 of my closest friends from the office, pumara kami ng taxi. The three of us just can't stop on laughing. We were thinking on how he looked like? Pangit ba or jologs? We are actually thinking the worst case scenarios that could happen. Need i say more? When I entered mcdo, i admit, he's hot. He has a lean body that any girl could want. Semi-Kal, around 5'7 to 5'8 ung height, fair skinned, cute smile and God, the eyes! I like it when he stares at you, it feels like he's undressing you, slowly..as in very slow. Ü Anyhows, we went to Chef 'd Angelo to grab a bite. Afterwards, we went to chill out in ABBAS (Malate) with our friends. After 5 bottles of beer, we decided to

tetetetetete..Text!! tching! tching! tching!

Monday, Sept 3 - Restday

I was planning to call the bank regarding the debitted Php 3200 on my ATM last saturday. To think katabi ko na ung meralco, magwi-withdraw ako para pangbayad! Paksyet, na-debit pa. Anyway, he texted me and ask if it's possible if we could meet up at around 1:30pm. I said sure cause I was really eager din nman to see him that day.

We've met in G4 as usual, sa spot namen sa mcdo paren. We ate, I smoked and nagkwentuhan muna. Here's the catch..

" Uhmm sandali lng ako today. "

" Why? "

" Actually, the truth is magkikita kame ng gf ko here. Sabi ko sa SM bicutan na lng "

" Oh..uhmm..ok..What time is it? Baka she's already waiting for you "

" Yeah..knina pa nga eh "

" Ah ok.. "

" Sorry ha..i really need... "

" ...No! Its ok. I understand. There's always a next time! You take care. ayt? "

We parted ways. I stood there, watching him, dumbfoded. Half of mind was saying..

"Awww...iniwan ka? wawa ka naman! Asaness! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Another was saying..

" Try to understand him. There's always a reason "

Puta! Reason?! As soon as i noticed he's gone, I turned around and lit up a cig then then texted FB furiously na parang wala ng bukas..

" Ei! Where are you? I'm here sa G4 right now. Wanna meet up? "

Its around 3pm na, and FB's shift ends at 3.

" Hey..out na ako. Cge, Let's meet. Give me 10 mins tapos kita tau sa starbucks,6750. "

" Ayt..bilisan mu "

" Ok...bibilisan ko..hehehe..you just stay put..Ü "

to be cont...

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